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Lucifer's Heritage

Lucifer's Heritage - How everything began...

In absence of line-up changes, scandals etc. the quintet nowadays has one of the most unspetacular band-histories imaginable. Nobody would believe that it was much more tumultous in the forerunner combos of Blind Guardian during their earlier years. Hansi tells us: "It was in 1984 when André and I met for the first time on the commercial college in Krefeld / Germany. We noticed fastly that we shared the same interests like for example our common passion for Heavy Metal and that we - at least in a unspectacular way - played music in our combos: I played rhythmn-guitar in my band named Executor and André used to play guitar...

Blind Guardian


Blind Guardian was born from the idea of two young school friends: Hansi Kürsch and André Olbrich. At the beginning, the band was called "Lucifer's Heritage" and the line-up was composed of the 2 boys, Markus Dork (guitar) and Thomas Stauch (drums). The four friends release a first demo in 1985, "Symphonies Of Doom": no a masterpiece but it gives an idea of the kind of music that influenced the band and that they wanted to play at that time: a thrash/speed metal, like Helloween. One year after, the line-up has changed (Christoph Theissen and Hans-Peter Frey replaced Markus and Thomas), and a new demo was released: "Battalions Of Fear"...


Hansi Kürsch, Andre Olbrich, Marcus Siepen, Frederik Ehmke, all members of Blind Guardian and all information on them!

In the world of Blind Guardian...

The following articles are from a series of interviews conducted in July's 2009 in Masters Of Rock by the Czech magazine Rock'n'Metal. In these interviews, Hansi spoke in detail of how the recording took place for each album, the tour that followed and how the small underground band grow up to one of the pillars of power metal...


All video clips of the band, information on those and where to find them!

Promotional vinyl of Banish From Sanctuary / Hall Of The King


Since the beginning of its career, Blind Guardian had always has collectors, for example the promotional EP of Follow The Blind, limited to 500 copies. This is a green two-tracks disc with Banish From Sanctuary and Hall Of The King. It can be found occasionally on eBay for around forty euros. Although it is not that expensive it is one of the most rare release of the band. The first pressings of Battalions Of Fear, Follow The Blind and Tales From The Twilight World are also rare. They were released respectively in 1988, 1989 and 1990 on No Remorse Records, the original record company of the band who was bankrupted during the tour for Tales From The Twilight World. However they can be found on eBay for around twenty euros each (they are not worth more so do not buy them from a seller asking for a huge price)...


All bootlegs recorded of Blind Guardian. Caution! These records are not legal and Blind Guardian.fr not encourage you to buy them, they are listed here for informational purposes only.


Some MP3 extracts of the band's albums.


Tabs of the band's albums.


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Krefeld's loho


Beer fest, sausage, Central european bank, Scorpions, Bismarck, Marx, World cup 2006 ... Why all these words? For their common factor: Germany, our nearby country, far in the East. A foreign and nevertheless close country. A culture which differs on certain points (school, respect for the traffic rules, the organization of cities, the language naturally, the breakfasts), but which is aftyer all not so far from ours. Then, of course, it's not a Latin country, its unity is more recent than in France (it was previously divided into several provinces belonging to the German princes). This unity was made around the Prussia during the XIXth century, period when the German national identity grew up. Who were the victims? It was us...

Demons And Wizards

Demons & Wizards

A mini-site dedicated to Demons & Wizards, the Hansi side project!