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June 23rd, 2016 -

Hellfest show filmed!

Blind Guardian's Hellfest concert which happened last weekend was filmed for the TV, it's almost one hour of show that you can see here: http://concert.arte.tv/fr/blind-guardian-au-hellfest

Here's the tracklist:

  1. The Ninth Wave
  2. The Script For My Requiem
  3. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
  4. Tanelorn (Into The Void)
  5. Prophecies
  6. Valhalla
  7. The Bard's Song (In The Forest)
  8. Mirror Mirror

Almost 20 years ... It's the time who Blind Guardian take to write his orchestral project ! Since the beginning of Nightfall In Middle-Earth, the project exist and has never been abandoned but is seems 2017 will be THE year for this album.

In a recent interview, Hansi says:

We still are working on that. I hope to be finished with everything, including mixing, at the end of 2016, but I doubt that there is a chance that this is going to be released [in 2016], but it will be released in 2017.

And he continues:

It is new material. We started writing these songs, I would say, almost twenty years ago. When we did [1998's] Nightfall In Middle-Earth, we figured that there were some songs which would not fit in because they were too orchestral, and at that point, we just thought, 'Well, it would be a waste to have a band involved, so just the orchestra and the singing would do the trick.' And ever since, we've built up these songs and came up with new ideas, and they changed a little bit with each album we were working on. Because the progression the people [in the band] were going through had an effect on the songs we were composing. Even though they were different than the regular stuff, they contain a little bit of each era. And this is the interesting thing. But they fit together really well. And just by listening to the music and the vocals, you have the feeling of a great, gigantic, Lord Of The Rings-ish story, and this is what we are intending to make even more obvious to the people by releasing it as we originally intended to have it. Later on, we may even involve the band, because it is possible. There are, I think, eleven or twelve songs we have composed so far, and we are working on interludes and some reprises and stuff like that at the moment. But at the very end, once this tour is finished, I'm going to sing all the stuff. And there are a lot of different characters and they will be all performed by. You know, it's a lot of storytelling, so it's going to be nice to see how people will react on it. And we have worked with an orchestra from Prague, and it's great to see them back this year. We are intending to have two more sessions here for the reprises and all the stuff, and then we are basically done. And I hope that [longtime Blind Guardian producer] Charlie [Bauerfeind] is going to be finished with the mixing, let's say, in November [or] December [of 2016].

About the next live album, all records have already been made and according Hansi, this would be a great best-of "the best songs in the best concerts" and he adds that it is interesting to see how "the fans evolved with the evolution of the group itself"; a DVD should be included in this album but nothing has been decided regarding its content, whether it should be the album or if it would include bonus content.

September 23rd, 2015 -

The Dwarves

Blind Guardian will be part of "The Dwarves"! 

The videogame based on the bestseller by Markus Heitz will feature a quest involving Blind Guardian and parts of the soundtrack will be performed by members of the band.

Markus Heitz is known by the fans of the band for being the man who inspired Blind Guardian for the highly awaited orchestral project with his book "Legends Of Albae" (Why Markus Heitz?).

You can support the project on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kingartgames/the-dwarves-a-new-storydriven-fantasy-rpg/ They need $ 260,000!

And check the video below, the two producers are going to the Twilight Hall Studio to presenting a demo of the game to Hansi and Marcus:

Long awaited by americans Blind Guardian fans, it's official now, it's of course the North American tour of the band!

With no less than 24 dates at this time, 5 in Canada, the band will travel across US roads with at his sides the members of Grave Digger !

Find all Blind Guardian tour dates on: http://en.blind-guardian.fr/tours.php

March 02nd, 2015 -

Q/A with Blind Guardian

This Thursday 5 March, you can again ask some questions to the band members, like it was possible a month ago on Reddit. This time, it's more simple: you just have to check the Facebook page of the band at this location: http://www.facebook.com/blindguardian. It will start at 8PM CET.

Recently, Hansi needs to clear up something about Barend. Some people think he was the fifth member of the band. He's not and he will never be! As Hansi says: "It was obvious to me that he's not the fifth band member, and he's fine with his status, like Oliver was. We don't need that. Even though I doubt I'm going to play the bass again, it's still the four of us."

February 17th, 2015 -

Lyrics of Beyond The Red Mirror

The website has been updated with the lyrics of Beyond The Red Mirror! A good choice for following the story during the listening and to keep the booklet protected in the CD box :-)

Just pass through the Red Mirror and follows this link: lyrics of Beyond The Red Mirror.

The bonus songs are also avaible: Distant Memories and Doom.

The bootlegs section also been updated with some recordings of the At The Edge Of Time tour: bootlegs 2010 - 2012. We remind you these recordings are not official, we certainly not encourage you to buy them!

Once again, the fans have spoken. With the support of one of the most loyal fan bases in the worldwide heavy metal community, Beyond The Red Mirror has attained high chart entries all around the globe.

For the 5th time in their career, Blind Guardian entered the top ten media control charts in their native country Germany, debuting on #4. In Austria (#08) and Switzerland (#10), Beyond The Red Mirror granted the highest chart entries by the band till now.

All chart entries for Beyond The Red Mirror so far:

  • Germany: #04
  • Austria: #08
  • Switzerland: #10
  • Czech Republic: #12
  • Finland: #14
  • Spain: #31
  • Sweden: #34
  • Japan: #45 (#10 International)
  • Canada: #49 (#4 Top Hard)
  • United Kingdom: #54 (#5 Rock, #11 Indie)
  • France: #57
  • North America: #132 (#3 Heatseekers, #6 Top Hard)

February 12th, 2015 -

US charts and south american tour

In one week, Beyond The Red Mirror, has attained the highest first-week U.S. sales numbers for the band in the history of their existence and has debuted at #132 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and #6 on the Top Hard Music chart.

In Canada, Blind Guardian nearly doubled their first-week numbers from 2010, resulting in Beyond The Red Mirror debuts at #49 on the Top 200 and #4 on the Top Hard Music charts.

The band has also announced their south american tour for October with around ten dates confirmed (see the tours page for more informations). No dates planned between June and October, so we can except some summer festivals!

Beyond The Red Mirror on iTunes
Beyond The Red Mirror on iTunes

Less than one week after it official release in Europ and the day after the world release, Beyond The Red Mirror goes up to the top of metal albums on iTunes!

We need to wait some days to have more charts for the europe and the world but we can think the sales of Beyond The Red Mirror will be very good!

For more details of the album you can check the dedicated page on our website. The lyrics will following very soon!

Don't forget, you can ask your questions to Hansi and André on Reddit, on February 5th at 8PM CET.

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