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Tokyo Tales

Tokyo Tales

Japanese cover

Tokyo Tales



  1. Inquisition
  2. Banish From Sanctuary
  3. Journey Through The Dark
  4. Traveler In Time
  5. The Quest For Tanelorn
  6. Goodbye My Friend
  7. Time What Is Time
  8. Majesty
  9. Valhalla
  10. Welcome To Dying
  11. Lost In The Twilight Hall
  12. Barbara Ann (Beach Boys cover)


  • Recorded at Kosinenkin Hall, December, 4th, and at NHK Hall December the 6th, Tokyo, 1992
  • Mixed by Kalle Trapp at Karo Studio Brackel, Hamburg, Germany, in January 1993
  • Produced by Kalle Trapp
  • Cover photography by Buffo Schnadelbach


Tokyo Tales is Blind Guardian's first live album, registered on two concerts.
The tracklist is good kind of best-of of the first albums. The japanese crowd is, as it's usual, very enthusiastic.


  • Marc Zee - Keyboards and backing vocals

Road crew:

  • Thomas "Länglich" Nisch - Stage manager
  • Sascha Wischnewsky - Merchandising
  • Dirkie Busche - Guitars
  • Daniel Kleckers - Drums
  • Kalle Trapp - Sound
  • Henry Klaere - Tour manager
  • Jogi Cappel - Lighting