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Tales From The Twilight World

Tales From The Twilight World



  1. Traveler In Time
  2. Welcome To Dying
  3. Weird Dreams
  4. Lord Of The Rings
  5. Goodbye My Friend
  6. Lost In The Twilight Hall
  7. Tommyknockers
  8. Altair 4
  9. The Last Candle
  10. Run For The Night (Live) (CD Bonus only)


  • Recorded and mixed by by Kalle Trapp at Karo Studio Brackel in Hamburg, East Germany, between March and May 1990
  • Produced by Kalle Trapp
  • Artwork by Andreas Marschall


With Tales From The Twilight World, Blind Guardian finds its own musical identity: choirs, powerful chorus, more accurate riffs ...
In this album, we can find the first ballad of the band, Lord Of The Rings, a song full of emotions.


  • Piet Sielck - Backing vocals and effects
  • Mathias Wiesner - Effects
  • Rofli Köhler - Backing vocals
  • "Hacky" Hackmann - Backing vocals
  • Kalle Trapp - Backing vocals
  • Kai Hansen - Vocals on Lost In The Twilight Hall, backing vocals, guitars on The Last Candle

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