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CD 1:
  1. War Of Wrath
  2. Into The Storm
  3. Welcome To Dying
  4. Nightfall
  5. The Script For My Requiem
  6. Harvest Of Sorrow
  7. The Soulforged
  8. Valhalla
  9. Majesty
  10. Mordred's Song
  11. Born In A Mourning Hall
CD 2:
  1. Under The Ice
  2. Bright Eyes
  3. Punishment Divine
  4. The Bard's Song (In The Forest)
  5. Imaginations From The Other Side
  6. Lost In The Twilight Hall
  7. A Past And Future Secret
  8. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
  9. Journey Through The Dark
  10. Lord Of The Rings
  11. Mirror Mirror


  • Recorded during the Blind Guardian World Tour 2002/2003 in Tokyo, Stockholm, Lichtenfels, Venise, Düsseldorf, Milan, Firenze, Barcelone, San Sebastian, Aviles, Madrid, Grenade, Valence, Bremen, Moscow, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart
  • Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind in March and April 2003 at Twilight Hall Studios, Krefeld
  • Artwork by Andreas Marshall


Live is the Blind Guardian's second live album. Its name isn't very original, but direct, we know what it is.
The sound mixing is really a good one, since even if the songs come from different concerts, they seem coming from the same one, it's really a good album.
A third CD was planned but the band decided not to mix it for the album. However, the fans can download it on the official website, with the following link: Live Outtakes.


  • Oliver Holzwarth - Bass and backing vocals
  • Michael Schüren - Keyboards and backing vocals
  • Alex Holzwarth - Drums

Road crew:

  • Alexander "Chester" Kalb - Recording engineer
  • Hanry Klaere - Tour manager, accounting, booking
  • Ulli Thiessen - Front of house engineer
  • Richard Urrutia - Front of house engineer
  • Achim Zell - Monitor engineer
  • Bodo Schulte - Moniter engineer
  • Detlef Mahler - Monitor engineer
  • Ulrich Schwantge - Monitor engineer
  • Andreas Fiekers - Lighting engineer
  • Peter Hablick - Guitar tech, production
  • Dominik Manelmann - Tech
  • Joachim "Piesel" Küstner - Tech
  • Daniel Bracevac - Guitar/Bass tech
  • Thomas Noack - Drum tech
  • Olli Grassmann - Drum tech
  • Thomas "Länglich" Nisch - Pyrotech
  • Christian Umlauf - Home filming
  • René Henning - Backline truckdriver
  • Lars - Backline truckdriver
  • Rolf Schütte - Light tech
  • Sascha Wischnewski - Merch
  • Jörg Seidel - Merch
  • Nordin Hammadi Amrani - Life saver, rescuer