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List of lyrics

Battalions Of Fear

Follow The Blind

Tales From The Twilight World

Somewhere Far Beyond

Imaginations From The Other Side

The Forgotten Tales

  • 01. Mr. Sandman
  • 02. Surfin' USA
  • 03. Bright Eyes (Version Acoustique)
  • 04. Lord Of The Rings (Version Orchestrale)
  • 05. The Wizard
  • 06. Spread Your Wings
  • 07. Mordred's Song (Version Acoustique)
  • 08. Black Chamber (Version Orchestrale)
  • 09. The Bard's Song (In The Forest) (Live)
  • 10. Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally
  • 11. A Past And Future Secret
  • 12. To France
  • 13. Theatre Of Pain (Version Orchestrale)

Nightfall In Middle-Earth

A Night At The Opera

A Twist In The Myth

At The Edge Of Time

Beyond The Red Mirror

Symphonies Of Doom (Lucifer's Heritage)

Battalions Of Fear (Lucifer's Heritage)

Unreleased and bonus