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Hansi Kürsch - Vocals

Hansi Kursch

Hansi was born in 1966, the 10 of August in a town called Lank-Latum. He is married and has a son nammed Jonas.

He is the spiritual leader of Blind Guardian, original member with André, he was playing bass from 1985 (date of the first demo) to 1995 when "Imaginations From The Other Side" is released ; after this one he was replaced by Oliver Holzwarth who plays live and in studios but who is not included in the line-up.

Hansi is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and especially "Lord Of The Rings" (he was inspired by the Silmarillion for Nightfall In Middle-Earth) but also by Stephen King which has influenced several of his compositions.

Hansi knows cooking and he still cooking when Blind Guardian is in the studio. He fought frequently at school, but he was also respected by his classmate. He got his driver's license recently but he is not very good driver. He hates modern music and can not bear the sound of the saxophone. He reads historical novels of authors such as Gary Jennings, Noah Gordon or Ken Follett. He managed himself early in his career because of low-income-parents, with whom he lived. Language and writing are the two inventions that he considers most important. He has not made his military service.

Among his favorite bands, we can find Queen who he paid tribute by calling the seventh album by Blind Guardian "A Night At The Opera", as one of the albums the group of Freddy Mercury.

With Jon Ryan Schaffer (Iced Earth), he constitute the project "Demons & Wizards" where he sing.

Some details on Hansi:

He prefers spicy food but also loves what is sweet.
The Thai and Indian cuisines are his favorite food, but above all Funnyfrisch Chips.
His favorite drink is Darjeeling tea.
The orange, green and red are the colors that he likes the most.
His favorite movies are Star Wars and The Lord Of The Rings.
His books bedside? The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
His favorite game is chess, not those on computer.
His three favorite groups are Queen, Deep Purple and The Who (he always forgets to mention it when asked).
Jesus Christ Superstar remains his favorite album.
Hansi like to read.
He has a American White Shepherd.
His greatest fear is void.
His favorite sports are soccer and swimming.
He would like to visit New Zealand.
The thing that has most impressed him was be flying over Mount Etna, when it started to become active, again.

Did you know?

Hansi participated in the album "01011001" of Ayreon.
Hansi Kursch

Hansi Kürsch

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