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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the current members of Blind Guardian?
Hansi Kürsch (vocals), André Olbrich (guitars), Marcus Siepen (guitars) and Frederik Ehmke (drums) are the 4 members of Blind Guardian. See the line-up for more information.

Why Oliver and Michael are not part of Blind Guardian?
Oliver and Michael are not part of Blind Guardian because the group has always expressed a desire to remain a quartet because "it is quite difficult to agree to four" says Hansi.
Furthermore, Hansi had thought during a time to resume bass, but did not as he must now focus all his attention to singing.

Why Thomas left Blind Guardian?
Thomas left the group in 2005 due to differences over musical direction took Blind Guardian.

Why the CD I found is not on Blind-Guardian.fr discography page?
The Blind-Guardian.fr discography page reference only officials releases of Blind Guardian, if your CD is not it, it is a bootleg (registration or unofficial compilation). See the discography for more information.

Where can I find these bootlegs?
Officially, you should find them nowhere. But dig a little on auction sites, you will surely find them.

What is the opinion of Blind Guardian on these famous bootlegs?
Hansi can not be bothered by these pirate recordings. If fans can discover the group with them, it suits him.

Is there a way to join Blind Guardian?
There is no direct means to contact the group, however, Marcus is very rarely on the official forum of Blind Guardian. Moreover, it is quite possible to meet at concerts, the group lends itself readily to the game for autographs and he is happy to discuss with his fans.

Where can I see Blind Guardian in concert?
All dates concerts Blind Guardian are referenced on the tours page of the site, all information are resumed.

I found songs that called Celtic Spirit, Excalibur or Gandalf The Magician where do they come?
These songs circulating on peer-to-peer are not songs of Blind Guardian, Celtic Spirit is actually a song of Bill Wehlan called Riverdance and Excalibur is a title of Grave Digger.

Why Snakes Of Destruction does not appear on any album and what is this song?
Snakes Of Destruction is a song composed for the magazine "Revolver" with a mini-studio: The Unit.