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Frederik Ehmke - Drums and percussion

Frederik Ehmke

Frederik was born à Malsch the 21st of June 1978. Married and father of two daughters, he is the youngest member of Blind Guardian.
He came in the band in 2005 after the leaving of Thomas.

Impressed by his performance, the group place much hope in him.

Frederik plays also in Schattentantz, a folk metal band.
From now on he has his own battery school called Drumworks Taunusstein.

Some details on Frederik:

He prefer sweet and sour taste.
His favorite food are the barbecue and chocolate.
Iced tea and hot chocolate are his favorites drinks.
The color he likes most is yellow.
His favorite movie is Superstau, a German comedy.
Rumo & Die Wunder Im Dunkeln is his favorite book.
The full Metroid saga is the favorite game of Frederik.
The three groups that he like Dream Theater, Danzig and Soilwork.
Painkiller by Judas Priest is his favorite album.
His hobbies are relaxing at home, playing Nintendo and doing sports.
Frederik has cats and rabits.
What most frightens him are the politicians greedy and powerful.
Frederik is happy when everything is working fine.
Taekwondo is his favorite sport.
He'd like to go on the Moon.
The Sahara is the place that has most impressed him.

Did you know?

Frederik always plays drums barefoot.
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Frederik Ehmke

Frederik Ehmke