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Follow The Blind

Follow The Blind



  1. Inquisition
  2. Banish From Sanctuary
  3. Damned For All Time
  4. Follow The Blind
  5. Hall Of The King
  6. Fast To Madness
  7. Beyond The Ice
  8. Valhalla
  9. Don't Break The Circle (CD Bonus only, Demon cover)
  10. Barbara Ann (Beach Boys cover)


  • Recorded and mixed by Kalle Trapp at Karo Studio Münster, East Germany in January and February 1989
  • Produced by Kalle Trapp
  • Artwork by Van Waay Design


Follow The Blind is the second studio album of Blind Guardian, in the same style then Battalions Of Fear, a direct speed/thrash metal, typical of that time.
Hansi didn't really progress in singing; and as Battalions of Fear, it isn't often considered as the best production of Blind Guardian, even if the hymn of the album, Valhalla, is still a great moment during the concerts.

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