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Various snippets of code come from different websites; so pagination for archiving of news and the guestbook as well as function to go to top of every page come from the site Seebz.net, the gallery by Coppermine Gallery and the forum by phpBB (the rewriting of this one is assured by MOD of phpBB SEO and the support as well as other MOD by phpBB-FR). The site was coded in HTML / CSS by following the standards of the W3C (Valid HTML 5, Valid CSS 3, Valid RSS et Valid Atom) and to allow an accessibility to all (and also to the handicapped persons) it was tested and validated under the following 5 browsers who are the most common (minimal resolution to show the site correctly: on 1024 by 768 pixels):

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If however you meet problems of display, don't hesitate to contact me (Guillaume) to let it know.

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  • Flavien: Translations

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