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Battalions Of Fear

Battalions Of Fear



  1. Majesty
  2. Guardian Of The Blind
  3. Trial By The Archon
  4. Wizard's Crown
  5. Run For The Night
  6. The Martyr
  7. Battalions Of Fear
  8. By The Gates Of Moria
  9. Gandalf's Rebirth (CD Bonus only)


  • Recorded and mixed by Kalle Trapp at Karo Studio Münster, East Germany, in October and November 1987
  • Produced by Kalle Trapp
  • Artwork by Van Waay Design


Battalions Of Fear is the first album of Blind Guardian, released in 1988, it's composed of a speed/thrash metal, Helloween's like.
Riffs are agressive and powerful, but the instruments' control isn't enough worked, and this album is eventually not as good as the following ones (except Follow the Blind maybe), except Majesty, which is still a classic and is often played during the concerts.

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