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Tuska Open Air


On February 22nd, 2011

The group confirmed its coming at the next Tuska Open Air to be held in Helsinki, Finland from 22 to 24 July 2011.

As usual, find all the details of the festival on the tours page of our site!

New tour dates for December 2011


On March 07th, 2011

As we arrive in March, three new dates have been confirmed for the month of December 2011.

It's for the Christmas Metal Festival on December 9 at Geiselwind and Knock Out Festival on December 10 at Karlsruhe (both located in Germany) that the group has confirmed its coming.

And then after going so often to Prague for the recordings of At The Edge Of Time and the future project orchestra, it was natural that Blind Guardian will give a concert in this city, it will be held on December 11.

All the details are of course on the tours page of our website.

Travelers At The Edge Of Time


On March 12th, 2011

Blind Guardian will participate in the first film festival dedicated to heavy metal to be held from March 31 to April 3 in Los Angeles!

Directed by Andreas Fieker, "Travelers At The Edge Of Time" is a film that talks about the group's evolution and how At The Edge Of Time took them to the "2010's Billboard Top 200-charting".

Travelers At The Edge Of Time
Travelers At The Edge Of Time

"Travelers At The Edge Of Time" (Directed by Andreas Fieker): This documentary follows Germany's legendary power petal band Blind Guardian through an unfinished cycle of their remarkable career up to now. Showcasing an intimate insight throughout the massive amount of events the musicians had to face since Summer 2009, the film begins abruptly during the production for their breathtaking opus At The Edge Of Time when the band begins orchestra recordings at the Rudolfinum in Prague. During the fragile act of creating real music, Blind Guardian are suddenly confronted with the virtual reality of a computer game called Sacred 2. While tasting the sweetness of having accomplished one mission, another one immediately starts with dreary rehearsals in the "Twilight Hall" before the band heads off to spread their mystical message to thousands of enthusiastic bards on another world tour. We will meet an unmasked Hansi Kürsch, André Olbrich, Marcus Siepen, Frederik Ehmke, and their crew members through the many private on-the-road and behind-the-scenes encounters. Fans will witness Blind Guardian take part in their never-ending quest for perfection beyond the musical aspects when cameras follow the band onto different stages from the first indoor shows to subsequent outdoor shows on the "Sacred World and Songs Divine Tour." "Travelers At The Edge Of Time" then takes on a new voyage when the group gets back to the studio and starts working on its lifetime project: the orchestral album. Both completion of this film project and the touring cycle for the latest album are not yet complete, proving only one thing: There is no real beginning, or there is a real ending ...

On Thursday, March 10, advanced tickets to the Heavy Metal Film Festival will be available for purchase via the Downtown Independent Cinema Box Office. Ticket prices will be as follows:

  • $9.00 per film
  • $15.00 - opening night screening (includes after-party)
  • $33.00 - day pass (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • $66.60 - advanced purchase festival pass (ONLY 30 available at this special price; includes opening night)
  • $99.00 - advanced purchase festival pass (ONLY 100 available; includes opening night)

At The Edge Of Time was nominated to receive an ECHO Award (roughly the equivalent of the Grammy for Germany) in the category "Rock / Alternative Band - National". The band is up against other nominees such as the Scorpions and Unheilig.

Questioned on the subject Hansi says:

I have no idea if we can win in the end or not. But, fact is that we are very excited to be nominated for the ECHO. To have the strength of At The Edge Of Time recognized in this manner makes us proud, it has been many years since we were last nominated.

The 2011 ECHO award show takes place Thursday, March 24th in Berlin.

What was and what will be


On March 24th, 2011

Hansi posted last week a long message on the official website to tell us about group projects for the coming months. Nothing new in either, the orchestral project isn't before 2012, a new Demons & Wizards is envisaged, etc ...

Another year, another message. Here, as promised a little while ago, the ultimate report about what we were dealing with the past few months and what to expect for the upcoming year.

I assume everyone reading these lines has had a chance to discover At The Edge Of Time and hopefully still enjoys it as much as we do. The very positive feedback we have gotten worldwide is of course a strong motivation for us. As said at other places before, we consider this album as the perfect connection between new and old. It contains a little bit of everything but still has a strong musical thread running throughout and offers us many options for our next projects.

It is no surprise when I tell you that the next journey will certainly lead us into an even more classical direction. There will be a few more trips to Prague necessary to finalize all orchestral recordings for our classical project but all things must come to an end eventually. The result of the stuff we have already recorded keeps me in a very good and optimistic mood, even though I consider the wait until the project's completion very painful. Charlie [Bauerfeind] and I nonetheless will start working on the first vocal recordings during the next days. Since we will be interrupted by quite a lot of upcoming shows I would be happy if I were to find myself in a position to finish the first five songs vocalwise before the year is over. It is challenging stuff for everyone. One fine day, all of a sudden, when no one expects it, I will announce its completion. Certainly not within the next twelve months, but one very, very fine day.

From one long-term project to another. As we had time to share some serious moments with each other during the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise (somewhere on the oceans of time) Jon [Schaffer; Iced Earth & Sons Of Liberty] and I had finally found the chance to put our minds together for a possible next Demons & Wizards album. We cheerfully simultaneously announced our wish to start working on it as quickly as possible. Although time is an issue for both of us we nonetheless decided to start songwriting together during the European summer festival season when Jon will be in Europe for Iced Earth performances. During that season we will use every possible moment to complete as much material as possible. To guarantee a good-mood-songwriting feeling I have already saved some good bottles of red wine and a smaller amount of Johnny Walker black label in our studio. Things are still in the mist but we are about to recognize structures of a busy future.

As for the people who have bought the limited edition and may have started wondering about the promised additional stuff on the connected media page I can, one more time, promise that your waiting will soon be over and all your doubts about the value of having such questionable access will be erased. We have several things we are about to accomplish during the next days. Once finished we will make an official announcement telling you when the material will be available for download.

Apart from having worked on some remixes of the new stuff we obviously were able to catch a lot of impressions from our time on the road during the last months. Touring in all these European and Northern American venues was a definite blast and we cannot wait to hit the next countries and cities fairly soon. As we recorded most of the shows we have played so far, I can tell you that there have been a number of outstanding magic moments. I mostly was impressed by the great response the new stuff has gotten. Even when we toured in the early nineties it usually took one round to establish new material. But that is not the case with any of the new ones we played. They immediately got very significant responses each night. Another approval for their quality, I dare to say. Of course, we will try to come up with more new songs for the shows we are going to play during the next months. Since we have some time to waste until then we have decided to work on even more songs to be performed for these shows. I will keep it a secret which songs we are working on ... though it won't be many, I have to confess. Yes, I know how to spoil a story. It's one of my best qualities - apart from looking cool while sitting on a chair.

Enjoy life.


Yesterday it was possible to chat live with Hansi on Metalcamp's website (Slovenian festival at which the group will participate this summer). Many questions were asked, some more relevant than others but it's mainly the few on orchestral project that attracted attention.

It should be the next production of the group before another album and a priori it will be released under the name Blind Guardian. Hansi think this album reach the same level of importance among the fans that Nightfall In Middle-Earth or Imaginations From The Other Side. Surprisingly enough, no song is based on the stories of Tolkien!

Other small bulk news:

  • The next Demons & Wizards will not come out before 2 years
  • The documentary Travelers At The Edge Of Time should be available on the internet
  • The group think often to make an acoustic tour
  • A new version of And Then There Was Silence is being recorded
  • The release of a best-of album is planned

And if you wish, you can read the full session, as it was that evening: Chat with Hansi (This is the raw version without any formatting or correction).

New summer festivals


On April 21st, 2011

Blind Guardian has confirmed two new summer festivals that rise up to five the number of them.

This is the Tollwood Festival to be held in Munich (Germany) on June 24th and the Norway Rock Festival to be held in Kvinedsdal (Norway) on July 7th. Get all the details on the tour page of the site.

And also all the details of the various festivals: Summer Festivals.

New dates for South American tour


On April 21st, 2011

New dates for South American tour have been confirmed!

These dates are the following:

  • Bolivia, September 13th
  • Peru, September 14th
  • Colombia, September 16th and 18th
  • Costa Rica, September 20th
  • El Salvador, September 22th
  • Mexico, September 24th

Lots of these countries will be new for Blind Guardian, we hope that the group will be welcomed as it should by his fans!

Some news ...


On April 22nd, 2011

Some news of the group:

  • Very touched by the disaster that took place in Japan on March 11th, the group decided to participate in the action set up by EMI to collect funds to help the country and therefore offers the possibility of coming in the Twilight Hall Studio for an exclusive meeting. Unfortunately the auction is only available in certain countries (link to the auction)
  • The new album from Solar Fragment, "In Our Hands", with the participation of Hansi is available for listening until April 25, more info on the news in question: Hansi will appears on upcoming Solar Fragment's album
  • Various interviews of the members are grouped on this news official site
  • The venue for the September 9th concert in São Paulo has been changed from CTN to Via Funchal

For the rest, the group's actuality is rather quiet, he probably rests and repeats for the concerts in Eastern Europe which will start on April 27th.

Australian tour!


On May 20th, 2011

Two dates have just been confirmed for the Australian tour this fall! It will be the second time the band plays on the continent (the first being in 2007).

The Sacred Worlds And Divine Songs Tour

As every shows, full details are available on the tours page of the site.

Little perk, a new bootleg of the tour 2011 was added to the bootleg section of the site. Find it on this page.

New date for Argentina!


On June 07th, 2011

A new date for the South American tour have just been confirmed for September. Argentina to be precise! As always, all informations are on the tours page.

The group actuality is quiet these time, a few interviews but nothing new in them.

As well as a total silence since the release of the famous documentary Travelers At The Edge Of Time, the group decided to make us a surprise?

The orchestral project concept!


On July 24th, 2011

The news came a few days ago, the concept for the future orchestral album of Blind Guardian was unveiled.

Markus Heitz
Markus Heitz

Markus Heitz, here is the name of the man who will be the inspiration for this project. For many of you this name doesn't mean much but in Germany this man has earned a solid reputation in the world of Fantasy. The group will be inspired by "Righteous Wrath", the first part of his new trilogy "Legends Of The Albae".

"I have been really amazed by several of his books over the last years but was finally and completely convinced about him being the perfect choice for our project by "Gerechter Zorn" ("Righteous Wrath") - the first part of his newest trilogy, "Die Legenden der Albae" ("Legends Of The Albae")." says Hansi.

This cooperation should keep the group busy on the project until at least 2013 (which report the release of the project to one year at least because we talked about 2012 before this news). Cooperation facilitated by the fact that Markus has grown up with the band's music in the ears in the 80's and 90's.

We will keep you updated and for those who would read the entire message from Hansi, here's the link: Harbinger of great things to come.