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E-card for At The Edge Of Time!


On July 06th, 2010

An e-card for the album At The Edge Of Time has been posted by Nuclear Blast, you can find samples, a biography, tour dates, etc ... But the biggest is that the group will choose among his MySpace friends, if their number reached 100,000, 3 people to offer them the following awards:

  • First prize: Meet and greet with the band on tour for 2 persons
  • Second prize: Signed CD + merchandising
  • Third prize: Merchandising, CD, etc ...

So go ahead, add Blind Guardian to your MySpace friends and try your chance!

And finally a little info from Nuclear Blast: the Japanese version of At The Edge Of Time should be released on August 28th and including an exclusive bonus track!

The series The Sacred Wheel Of Time Cannot Erase The Medieval Song continues with this fifth teaser devoted to Hansi today.

The samples are from A Voice In The Dark and Wheel Of Time.

The contest on MySpace is open until August 27th, joins the ranks of fans of the band! Moreover, their MySpace page has been revamped with the colors of At The Edge Of Time and the result is really very good.

I remind you that you can always listen to samples of each song on the band's official website or by watching this video:

The group will be present at the Comic Con International in San Diego from July 22 to 25 next in the booths 114 and 116 of Nuclear Blast. André and Hansi were already been present in 2008 as part of their participation for Sacred 2.

Comic Con

Among all Nuclear Blast merchandising you will find an unpublished poster created by Felipe Machado Franco and limited to 100 copies only.

All good things (and also worse in fact) have an end, the series The Sacred Wheel Of Time Cannot Erase The Medieval Song ends with the sixth trailer focused this time to the orchestral parts recording at the Rudolfinum in Prague.

We can hear parts of A Voice In The Dark and Wheel Of Time and played by the orchestra this time.

Here is the list of the six trailers:

The contest on MySpace is open until August 27th, joins the ranks of fans of the band!

The official website of the group changed its skin for the release of new album At The Edge Of Time, one finds of course the usual categories such as discography or profiles of all members (which are yet to be completed), the biography has been update and the news system has been completely redesigned, no more pop-up!

And obviously it's a whole new skin is being proposed here with a lot of graphics elements unknown, it could resemble the inside of the booklet of At The Edge Of Time because it will be fully illustrated, as Felipe Machado Franco says in his interview.


And finally, a new concert in Russia has been planned at Krasnodar the november 2nd, 2010.

The long wait for At The Edge Of Time is almost over, the album comes out on July 30th in Europe and for reward the patience of fans and probably also because the album didn't leaked on the net before its release (which is very rare today, it must be precised), Blind Guardian has decided to offer 3 full length songs from the new album!

To listen Tanelorn (Into The Void), War Of The Thrones (Piano) and A Voice In The Dark you just have to visit the official website of the band!

On this day of the official European release of At The Edge Of Time, tenth album of Blind Guardian, a free application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available at the Apple store!

Through this application, you can also listen the first full length song of the album, Sacred Worlds.

I remind you the tracklist of At The Edge Of Time :

  1. Sacred Worlds
  2. Tanelorn
  3. Road Of No Release
  4. Ride Into Obsession
  5. Curse My Name
  6. Valkyries
  7. Control The Divine
  8. War Of The Thrones (Piano)
  9. A Voice In The Dark
  10. Wheel Of Time

The digipack version and the limited version will includes a bonus CD with a UNIQUE download code where fans can gain access to a password-protected page for exclusive content:

  1. Sacred Worlds (Extended "Sacred" Version)
  2. Wheel Of Time (Version Orchestrale)
  3. You're The Voice (Radio Edit)
  4. Tanelorn (Into The Void) (Demo)
  5. Curse My Name (Demo)
  6. A Voice In The Dark (Demo)
  • Sacred (Video Clip )
  • Studio Documentary

Order the album!

The video clip of A Voice In The Dark has been posted by the group on their YouTube page!

As promised we have a fantastic video which mixes images of the group and Aztec culture, already present on the cover of At The Edge Of Time. The fact that Hansi keeps a kind of scepter in his hand, also recalls the video for the game Sacred 2 - The Fallen Angel for which the group made the song Sacred Worlds.

Blind Guardian has confirmed his coming at Wacken Open Air 2011! So you can go cheer the Bards in the largest heavy metal festival in the world!!

Moreover, Grave Digger celebrated his thirty years at Wacken this year and Hansi had been invited to sing with the group. Want to see Hansi with a kilt? Watch this video!

I hope to find soon other videos for enjoy this even better! (If you have, feel free to give the link in the comments ;-))

At The Edge Of Time has just come in second place in the German chart! The band's strongest chart showing ever in its home country. A Twist In The Myth arrived in third place and A Night At The Opera in fourth. "Unbelievable. With each new record we get closer to the top and I am quite happy that quality still counts." confess Hansi before concluding: "At The Edge Of Time is a milestone in our history and I am proud that so many people share this opinion. Our fans are the best!"

Recall that the clip of A Voice In The Dark is available and for MP3 junkies, you can pre-order the album on the iTunes Store for $ 7.99 only! Limited time offer! Nuclear Blast USA also offers limited packages with a t-shirt really nice!

Lyrics of At The Edge Of Time


On August 13th, 2010

The lyrics of each song of At The Edge Of Time have been uploaded on our website at this adress: Lyrics At The Edge Of Time. The lyrics of You're The Voice, the cover which appears on the single A Voice In The Dark have also been uploaded on the page of bonus tracks.

Informations of At The Edge Of Time have also been added on page of the album, don't hesitate to consult them.

(The error is human, it is possible that some typos have crept in when the lyrics were typed, in which case, please report it here ;-))

The band now offers you the opportunity to win a meet and greet on tour in Germany!

They will be giving away ONE meet and greet package per city on the German tour. This means ONLY for the shows in Ludwigsburg, Trier, Langen, Bremen, Hamburg, Bamberg, Düsseldorf, München, Berlin and Osnabrück. Each meet and greet package will include 2 tickets to the concert and the opportunity to meet the band.

All you need to do to enter the contest is the following:

  • Find a tour poster hanging somewhere around Germany.
  • Take a picture of yourself in which you are standing (or sitting, laying, whatever) beside the tour poster (seen above).
  • Send this photograph to contest@blind-guardian.com. The subject of the e-mail must have the following format: "CITY NAME: Meet and greet contest Germany 2010" where CITY NAME is the name of the city of the concert you would like to attend. For example "HAMBURG: Meet and greet contest Germany 2010".
  • In the e-mail please include the following information along with the photograph: Name, E-Mail address, Mobile phone number, City where you saw the tour poster.

Entries with a subject line format different from that shown above will be deleted. Multiple entries by the same person (even if for a different city) will be deleted.

Entries will be accepted up to the end of the day on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010. Any entries received after this date will be deleted.

A random drawing will be done from all the entries for each city (10 winners in total). Winners will be notified via e-mail and/or telephone and also be announced on the official website.

Good luck!

Blind Guardian is fairly unique, one change of lineup in over 25 years of existence ... Evolution is felt in every album and is probably the key to the success of this group!

Each album has its own history and its own identity, and it is these little stories that en.Blind-Guardian.fr will offer. These texts come from a series of articles published in the Czech magazine Rock'n'Metal and from interviews with Hansi at Masters Of Rock 2009 and have been translated from Czech into English by just-me, from the official forum of the group. A big thanks to her ;-)

Here are the articles that speak of Battalions Of Fear to A Twist In The Myth: In the world of Blind Guardian....

Note also that the group was voted "Best German Band" by the readers of Metal Hammer for the year 2010!

First European tour dates for 2011


On September 01st, 2010

The first European tour dates for 2011 have just been unveiled! The group will therefore shift in Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece! More dates are coming and the site will of course be updated as soon as they will be announced.

You should also add that Enforcer will no longer part of European tour dates for unknown reasons.

In celebration of the kick-off of the German tour the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg will be having a Blind Guardian Warm Up Party on September 30th. The whole band will be there and there will also be some nice prizes to win. All the details are here.

The band was also interviewed by the German TV channel RTL for talking about their participation for Sacred 2 and their great positions in the German charts ! Check it out here : Blind Guardian on german TV (skip ahead to 14:45 mark for the interview).

The meet and great contest deadline was extended to September 29th.

And, finally, the band has attained the highest first-week sales numbers in the United States in the history of their existence. With sales of over 4 500 units of their tenth studio album, At the Edge Of Time, they secured the #1 position on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and also debuted at #108 on the Billboard Top 200 chart!