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Metal Storm website recently published an interview of André at Bloodstock Open Air, which took place this Saturday 15 August in England (Bloodstock Open Air).

André speaks again the next album, themes for the lyrics of it, integration of Frederik in Blind Guardian and things that become recurrent (their debut, their first inspirations, etc ...)

And for members of the forum, a surprise of this festival awaits you in the multimedia section of the forum ;-)

Forum offline


On August 23rd, 2009

The server change has caused some problems in the database of the forum that have emerged this afternoon. To avoid more problems we have disabled it time to solve these technical problems which we hope will last the shortest time possible. We will do everything possible to restore the database with the least possible loss of data for it.

We present our apologies for any inconvenience.

Update: The forum is now online and works completly. We had lost just some messages.

To continue to offer you the site the most complete, we have decided to create a section dedicated to the bootlegs of the band.

Caution, this section is here purely for informational purposes only, we don't encourage you to by them, because remember this, there are illegal! This will allow you to distinguish these bootlegs of official releases. And, if your are not sure, you can always ask in our forum.

You can access this new section of the site via the menu "The Band", or directly by following this link: Section bootlegs of en.Blind-Guardian.fr.

Jen and Hansi
Jen and Hansi

Hansi and Rage are long date friends, they works together in 2002 for the first time on the Rage's album Unity. In 2007, they meet again on the Nuclear Blast Allstars compilation and this year, Hansi was with the band on their Wacken Open Air show's for celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary.

Jen plays didgeridoo
Jen plays didgeridoo

Here they are together again in the Twilight Hall Studios (the recording studio of Blind Guardian) to work on Strings To A Web, the upcoming Rage's album. Hansi will appear on Empty Hollow, the main work of the album which which is an orchestral song of almost twenty minutes divided into five parts. Jen Majura, another old friend of Rage (and Blind Guardian because she made backing vocals on Sacred) will play also on this song, but she'll play didgeridoo !

All these great people together should give something quite exceptional and it will surely be very interesting to check it out that this new album will be available (certainly not before 2010).

The dream team!
The dream team!

Instrumental version of Sacred!


On October 26th, 2009

It seems that the version we all know of Sacred (you can find it here: Sacred in high definition) is in fact not the only one that exists in the video game of Ascaron. Indeed, it was a instrumental version of it exists in Sacred 2.

How about getting this bonus track is a mystery. Is this another bonus to unlock? Background music during a quest or a special event of the game? Only hard gamers will tell us.

So here Sacred instrumental version by Blind Guardian:

Hansi has issued a message to keep us abreast of the progress of the new album and themes that will be used for the lyrics.

The last time I wrote something I promised to give the next update around Easter. Well, Easter season is a little late this year, but better late than never is my favorite saying. Here is my long promised message.

To keep this one a short but essential one: we finally have started the production of Blind Guardian studio album number nine. Frederik is literally rushing through the songs already. Who knows, this time we may deliver the finished master prior to the ultimate deadline (set by an about-to-get-insane record company after thousands of broken promises to finally deliver the new record within the next days). Well Frederik isn't Marcus, who isn't André, who most certainly is not Hansi. So there still lies trouble (i.e. delays) ahead.

Back to Frederik, back to the production: We started sometime last week and Frederik accomplished drums for some seriously tricky tracks. If I am correct he has two more tracks to go and should be finished during the next days. Altogether there are 11 songs to work on. As mentioned last time, we do have a strong amount of heavy Guardian hymns, which come along with such a harsh intensity that I am sometimes surprised myself. There is a fine balance of extremely fast songs and ultimate epic stuff. "Wheel of Time" would be one example for the last mentioned. The song contains many surprises - I am deadly honest about that, so mark my words here. Lyrically I am of course tempted to deal with Robert Jordan's great "Wheel of Time" story, one of the best fantasy series ever. If you asked me with which song the number could be compared I most probably would say "The Script for my Requiem" or "And then there was Silence". This tune does really have the potential to mess with these two songs.

As you most probably figure I am really excited about the new stuff and I cannot await to hear the final result somewhere in April 2010, when we will have finished mixing. We are targeting a late summer, early fall release, which means you still have to wait a little bit. To make the long waiting more comfortable we are at least intending to constantly provide you with information about the album's progress and supply you with small samples of noise from time to time. Right at the moment we are working on an accurate set up to make that possible. Expect something before Christmas. As it looks now I will start first vocals next Monday. Therefore I need to do some more research for proper lyrics. G.R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Michael Moorcock and so on they all knew how to write a good story or two...


The Wizard played on WDR 2


On November 16th, 2009

Recently German radio station WDR 2 had a big competition in which listeners could vote for the 200 best bands of all times. Blind Guardian came 121st ranking and WDR 2 chose a song very representative for the band... "Satisfaction" for the Rolling Stones, "Whish You Were Here" for Pink Floyd and "Highway To Hell" for AC/DC.

For Blind Guardian it's different, the radio hasn't selected a recent song but rather something in the mid-90s, which isn't bad because the group has released very good albums during this period (Imaginations From The Other Side and Nightfall In Middle-Earth for example, which are in the 100 Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time according to Metal Hammer) but what is more surprising is that they chose a bonus track from The Forgotten Tales, so if you listen WDR 2 and somebody announces Blind Guardian, don't be surprised if you hear their cover of Uriah Heep "The Wizard".

The first dates of 2010 advertised?


On December 01st, 2009

The first dates of 2010 advertised? Apparently yes! Although the album is not out yet and we have also not yet a final release date, it appears that the dates are already scheduled for November 2010 in Spain. The group should play November 5, 2010 in Madrid and November 6, 2010 in Barcelona.

The news was announced by the Spanish site Rafabasa but not yet confirmed on the official site.

The dates are yet available on the tours page of the site.

European tour dates for 2010 !


On December 08th, 2009

German tour 2010 / 2011

A week ago two dates in Spain were announced, today that the first dates of world tour 2010 / 2011 are confirmed by the official site and earlier in the night by Nuclear Blast.

The dates are announced for Europe yet! The tickets for the German shows will go on sale December 9th at 12:00. And for all you early buyers there is a special X-Mas deal for the German shows: a reduced price of 30 EUR per ticket when you purchase them before January 10th from Metal-Tix or Eventim. A limited number of Hard-Tix for the German shows are also available.

The opening band of these concerts will be Steelwing and another special guest will be announced soon! You can find all the dates on the tours page of en.Blind-Guardian.fr.

While the dates of the next European tour are officially confirmed (others in Sweden and Poland are to be confirmed though), Nuclear Blast diffuse discreetly in the news of these tour dates the release date of the successor of "A Twist In The Myth", which shall then be released September 4th, 2010, 4 years day-to-day after the release of their latest album.

I remind all those who want to go see the band in Germany next autumn they will pay their ticket 30 EUR instead of the 35.25 usual on metal-Tix until January 10 next, for the links directly to these places, go to the topic of the tour 2010 / 2011 on the forum.

Happy new year 2010 :-)


On January 01st, 2010

The en.Blind Guardian.fr team wish you all a happy new year 2010! We hope it will be rich and happy for you all!

And of course we also hope it will be productive for our favorite band! We already know that a new album, with a single, will be released and will be followed by a European tour (dates are available on the topic of the tour 2010 / 2011 on the forum with links to tickets where they are available for purchase). Three dates, two in Sweden and one in Poland, are still to be confirmed, however, and of course others will follow, those announced are just the beginning of this tour!

More confirmed tourdates!


On January 17th, 2010

New dates have been confirmed for the European tour of Blind Guardian at the end of the year, these are the following dates:

Obviously we will certainly make you know any new confirmed date and the sale of tickets for these.

And the second part has also been confirmed, it's the Swedish group Enforcer. And just for fun, here's a little picture of this group of heavy formed in 2004:


Last little item on the site this time, a new style is available from the two already existing, a style the colors of the single The Bard's Song (In The Forest)! Simply select the menu from right and refresh your cache :-)

After a weekend that seems to have been hard we are entitled to a little news from the official Facebook group probably held by Hansi (this looks very much like his writing style), so here is what he said:

The weekend was a busy time. We had a tour preproduction meeting to discuss things. This was followed by filming for an online autograph session (more on this to follow later) and a photosession with the whole band. Hopefully we can share some of these photos with you soon. Today Frederik and Charlie will do drum recordings for the song "Curse My Name".

Empty Hollow available for listening!


On February 02nd, 2010

Empty Hollow, the song of the new Rage album where Hansi appears (Hansi works again with Rage: Strings To A Web) has just been posted on the official MySpace! For your convenience we offer you directly here:

On this beautiful song that starts with a melodic intro, you can hear Hansi among the choruses, the appearance may be less noticeable than the previous with the group but it is there! Strings To A Web was registered in the Twilight Hall Studios (the studio of Blind Guardian) by Charlie Bauerfeind who is working with the group for over 10 years.

A limited digibook version of this album will be release with a bonus DVD which will contain the show at Wacken Open Air 2009 where Hansi (and Jen Majura) appears, here is the setlist:

  1. Carved In Stone
  2. Higher Than The Sky
  3. Set This World On Fire (featuring Hansi Kürsch)
  4. All I Want (featuring Hansi Kürsch)
  5. Invisible Horizons (featuring Hansi Kürsch)
  6. Lord Of The Flies (featuring Jen Majura)
  7. From The Cradle To The Grave (featuring Jen Majura)
  8. Prayers Of Steel (featuring Schmier)
  9. Suicide (featuring Schmier)
  10. Down (featuring Schmier)
  11. Soundchaser
Rage : Strings To A Web
Rage : Strings To A Web

Click on image to order the limited version!