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A Night At The Opera

A Night At The Opera



  1. Precious Jerusalem
  2. Battlefield
  3. Under The Ice
  4. Sadly Sings Destiny
  5. The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight
  6. Wait For An Answer
  7. The Soulforged
  8. Age Of False Innocence
  9. Punishment Divine
  10. And Then There Was Silence


  • Recorded and mixed by Charlie Bauerfind at Twilight Hall Sudios, Krefeld, Germany, between October 2000 and December 2001, except some backing vocals, recorded at Hammer Music Studios, Hamburg, by Clement Von Witte and Detlef
  • Produced by Charlie Bauerfeind
  • Artwork by Paul Reymond Gregory (Studio 54)


A Night At The Opera is probably the most complicated album of Blind Guardian (as its cover), the band has evolved and this album is extremely busy, the numbers of tracks on some songs are incredible!
It is the most controversial album, some people find it too busy and not listenable, some other ones get into the album easily. And Then There Was Silence is, for Hansi, the best song of Blind Guardian.
We can notice that, depending of the country, there are different versions of Harvest Of Sorrow, 6 at all:

  • Harvest Of Sorrow
  • Harvest Of Sorrow Acoustique
  • Frutto Del Buio
  • Mies Del Dolor
  • La Cosecha Del Dolor
  • Moisson De Peine


  • Oliver Holzwarth - Bass
  • Mathias Wiesner - Keyboards and orchestral effects
  • Michael Schüren - Piano on Age Of False Innocence
  • Pad Bender, Boris Schmidt et Sascha Pierro - Keyboards and effects

Backing vocals:

  • Billy King
  • Rolf Köhler
  • Thomas Hackmann
  • Olaf Senkbeil

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