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October 23rd, 2014 -

Track by track of the new album!

Rockhard unveils today a track by track of the album with the details of each of the 11 songs. We know that The Red Door and Pax Discordia are working titles for the new album but nothing is final yet.

Let's start by Ninth Wave:

  • Over 9 minutes long
  • Pure bombast in the beginning
  • Power drumming, massive riffs, sci-fi sound effects
  • Many twists music-wise
  • Somehow between "Mad Max" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean"
  • Good as Blind Guardian can be

Next the single, Twilight Of The Gods:

  • Complex drum patterns
  • Thrashy
  • Compact song with anthem like chorus


  • Mid tempo
  • Tricky grooves
  • Great solo

At The Edge Of Time:

  • Most innovative song of the album
  • Soundtrack-like with orchestra
  • Pace varies often
  • Hyper bombast chorus
  • Like a mini-opera
  • Could maybe appetizer for the upcoming orchestral album

Ashes Of Eternity:

  • Catchiest song
  • Thrash metal riffs
  • Good combination of old and new style

Distant Memories:

  • Again cinematic soundtrack with orchestra
  • More light-footed
  • Great storytelling by Hansi
  • Dynamic and dramatic sounding

 Holy Grail:

  • Pure speed metal
  • Hansi is mostly fast shouting
  • Bombast chorus

The Throne:

  • Mid tempo
  • Orchestra meets metal again
  • Epic

Sacred Mind:

  • Sci-fi sounds in the beginning
  • Sounds like power ballad in the beginning
  • Uptempo later in the song with a lot of high speed eruptions
  • Like Queen could sound today

Miracle Machine:

  • Ballad
  • With strings and piano
  • Hansi singing is great

Grand Parade:

  • Again a long song
  • With orchestra
  • More warm and harmonic sounding
  • Hyper bombast chorus
  • Complex song but very well composed

We also learn that Ninth Wave was the last song finished, two choirs (USA and Hungary) were involved with a total 180-200 people were performing the super bombastic choirs, orchestra was recorded in Prague and Hungary and the group has worked tirelessly over these last years.

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