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February 29th, 2012 -

Guardian TV - Sixth episode

The sixth episode of the Guardian TV arrived and this time, Blind Guardian talking about the evolution in their career and with the fans.

I remind you that all episodes are available on the site! Just go to the dedicated topic in our forum: Guardian TV

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The questions asked are:

1. Unlike many other bands, you've consistently grown and developed. Where do you take the courage not to rely on a tried-and-tested formula?
2. You've succeeded in keeping your old fans and wowing a new, younger following for Blind Guardian at the same time. How do you do that without a striking image and extensive marketing campaigns?
3. In particular the kids from the live action role-playing scene have discovered Blind Guardian for themselves for more than two decades. How do you explain the special attraction which you hold for this scene?
4. In these times of declining CD-sales - is there a danger that the Blind Guardian style of lavish audio productions will no longer be affordable?

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