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December 29th, 2011 -

Saarbrücken 2012

Blind Guardian will be at the Garage in Saarbrücken Germany, the June 8, 2012; in the middle of the big Metalfest tour (Metalfest 2012), the group will give one more concert in his native country!

The dates when Blind Guardian will play at the Metalfest aren't yet finalized but we can deduce for the moment that the band will play the June 10 in Plzen, the June 9 in Pratteln and the June 7 at Loreley. For other dates, we have to wait official confirmation!

Tickets for Saarbrücken are available for sale on the site of the Garage for a single price of 31 €.

In another register, two audio interviews (one with Hansi and another with Marcus) about "Memories Of A Time To Come" are available on our site:

  • Interview with Hansi:
  • Interview with Marcus:

The interview with Marcus duration is about over an hour with various songs from the band!

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